Friday, December 20, 2019

Recipe for Christian Living

o There is no virtue in the Christian life which is not made radiant with joy; there is no circumstance and no occasion wA joyless life is not a Christian life, for joy is one constant recipe for Christian living. William Barclay

According to William Barclay, joy is needed for Christian living. Do you agree? What if your life has been one struggle after another? Or you are dealing with debilitating medical issues? Or a thousand other problems that we humans face every day? How can we be joyful when life is dragging us down?

We need to rethink what "joy" is in this context. It's not necessarily jump-up-and-down, cartwheel happiness. It's more of a feeling of gratitude and contentment that comes from deep within through our relationship with God. If we trust Him to keep His promises and we know Jesus as our Savior, it's a lot easier to look past the worldly troubles we deal with because we know they are temporary. The knowledge that we will live in Paradise forever can give us that joy that Barclay writes about. Knowing that God has our backs and works to make good things happen can give us a sense of confidence and contentment that bubbles up from our toes until it spills out for all to see.

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