Tuesday, January 28, 2020

God Only Sees Beauty

You may look into your mirror and see flaws, but God looks at you and only sees beauty.

I am reminded of the movie about Nanny McPhee. She becomes the governess for a family with children who have chased away previous nannies with their mischief. She is an incredibly unattractive, snaggle-toothed woman with warts, a uni-brow, and a lumpy body. She is a no-nonsense nanny and is not afraid of the children. As the children begin to behave and they grow to love her, her appearance magically changes, bit by bit, until she is a beautiful woman.

I don't know what caused her transformation, but I like to think that she didn't change at all. As the children got to know her, they were able to look past her physical flaws and see the beauty within.

That's how God sees us. He doesn't see the crooked teeth or the crow's feet or the big ears. His love for us is so strong, all He sees is the person we are. Isn't that what really matters?

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