Friday, April 10, 2020

What's Your Favorite Bible Translation?

What's your favorite Bible translation?

What's your favorite translation of the Bible? I have a few and that's changed over the years as I discover new translations. 

The King of Translations

My very first Bible was given to me in 4th grade. It was the King James Version. I'm sorry, but no 9-year-old should be given the KJV. 

Yes, it has beautiful, flowery language and some scripture just needs to be in the KJV to be fully appreciated, such as Psalms; but what 9-year-old can really grasp the meaning behind some of those passages when they don't even understand the words?

That first Bible gathered a lot of dust.

Good News

My second Bible, well, actually the New Testament, was a copy of Good News for Modern Man that my church gave every member. I no longer have that copy, having lost it years ago in one move or another. 

I loved that Bible, even though the budding feminist in me decidedly did not like that the title excluded half of the population. If it hadn't done such a good job of quenching my thirst for a relationship with Jesus, I probably would have been too offended to read it.

But read it, I did! I could understand scriptures that I'd read and heard through the years. It was that simple paperback that really started me on the path to Jesus.

Living for Jesus

My third Bible was well-used for over forty years. I bought the Living Bible for myself when I was in high school. That was the first Bible that I felt comfortable highlighting and journaling. It is tattered and well-loved by now and used only occasionally.

Digital Rules

Of course, now, with the Internet and phone apps, every imaginable translation is at our fingertips. My favorite translation is the New International Version (NIV), but I also use the New Living Translation (NLT), the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) and The Message. Websites like Bible Gateway offer all of these and more.

I love having such easy access to so many translations!

Back To Basics

I was recently given the opportunity to give an honest review of a beautiful Bible. I received a copy of the Bible as compensation. The Artisan Collection Bible is gorgeous and comes in NIV and NRSV.  This Bible would make a wonderful gift, especially for a woman who likes to journal.

And, honestly, as much as I love the ease and accessibility of online Bibles, I do miss marking up my Bible with notes and drawings. 

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