Thursday, August 6, 2020

BIBLE: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

BIBLE: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

Bible Reading Tools

There are a number of tools available online to help you with reading the Bible, but can I just put in a quick plug for my favorite site, Bible Gateway?

When I link a Bible verse in my blog, I always use Bible Gateway. I find it the easiest to navigate and the many tools are exceptional. They recently revamped their website and it is even easier now to navigate.

Read the Bible

One of the most impactful and important tasks we have as Christians is to read the Bible. This site provides a number of plans that span 40 to 365 days. I would like to see a plan for brand new Christians and I've given Bible Gateway that feedback.

There is also an advanced search that allows you to look up passages. 

Bible Gateway offers 60 versions in English and versions in over 70 languages.
Want to listen instead of read? You can! You can search for passages or choose from a number of devotionals and other audio programs.

Study Tools

In addition to just reading the Bible, we need to study it as well. This helps us to understand the message.

Scripture Engagement is an amazing tool that will help you learn how to read the Bible. I highly recommend it!

Explore More

This section provides a rich library of newsletters, devotionals, blogs, and apps.

Bible Gateway Plus

All of the resources I mentioned above are free to use. There are additional resources when you pay for a Bible Gateway Plus membership.


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